Fireman's Adventures

Fireman's Adventures

Put out the flames and save people inside the houses
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Fireman's Adventures is an old-school arcade game from 300AD. You might think that Fireman's Adventures is just a game that isn't that good and that is why it looks old, but you will be wrong. The game resembles remarkably the 1981's original Donkey Kong. In that game, Donkey Kong kidnapped the princes and you as Mario had to climb different platforms and evade barrels to rescue her. Well, Fireman's Adventures is different, and thats the great thing. You are a fireman that bravely goes into a house in flames. Your job is the job any fireman has, put out the flames and save people (not specifically in that order). Inside the houses you may find scared and helpless people, fire extinguishers, buckets and highly explosive propane tanks. The flames spread around and grow larger with time, so you should move quickly. This can be labeled as a puzzle game, because each level represents different challenges and you need to go to a specific stair or room in order to efficiently and successfully put out the flames. Fireman's adventures is a recommendable game for everyone.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good setting
  • Nice presentation
  • Fun game-play


  • Sound could be better
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